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Nature reserve 't Zwin

“What a view!”

Nature reserve 't Zwin

Climb over the dike and a surprise awaits you… Nature reserve 't Zwin. This nature reserve is unique because it fills with seawater during high tide. The Zwin is located on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. Between Cadzand and Knokke. The Zwin is a slufter: a beach plain behind the dunes that is connected to the sea. Directly behind the estuary is a sandy beach, more inward dunes and salt marshes. Hard work has been done in the nature reserve to prevent silting up of the channel in the Zwin. The channel has been made larger, deeper and wider so that more water can flow into the Zwin.

The Zwin has beautiful flora and fauna, but also an area with plenty of opportunities for the recreational user. Eye-catchers are the Zwin Nature Park in Knokke-Heist and the smaller Zwin information center in Cadzand. These visitor centers are connected by cross-border cycling and walking paths on the new dikes. Various lookout points have been realized so that cyclists and walkers have a beautiful view of the tidal area and the polder. The new wooden decking path at Retranchement, the barefoot path and the path for the blind and partially sighted also promise surprising experiences for everyone.

Het Zwin Nature Park

The Zwin Nature Park is an interactive nature experience park for the whole family. In the exhibition you will learn more about the fascinating world of birds. The hut trail in the park leads you through numerous experience points or huts. From the roof terrace of the visitor center you have a beautiful view of the surrounding Zwin nature and the polder landscape. From the panorama tower you have a beautiful view of the Zwin plain, the Zwin dunes reclaimed land and even the sea.

The Zwin plain is a unique nature reserve with a special richness of plants and animals. It is possible to take a walk through the nature reserve and discover the different birds in their natural environment.

 Address: Graaf Leon Lippensdreef 8, 8300 Knokke-Heist. Phone: 0032-50607086. Visit for more info and tickets.

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