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Attraction parks

Toversluis in Sluis - 6 km
Toversluis is the indoor recreation center in West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen where several atrractions entertain and offer relaxation. For example, you can play in the indoor playground, bowling, gaming, drink, woks, brunch, stone grill, laser games or gamble. And that with every weather!

Play Farm Pierewiet in Nieuwvliet - 10 km
Playground for indoor and outdoor. There is an indoor playground with a variousity of toys and a technology space where children can tinker nice. Playing outside is in the orchard behind the barn. Here is a playground where you can climb, lighthouse, sand boxes and a big go-kart with traffic signs.

Swimmingpool in Knokke - 15 km
Looking for adventure, in Sportoase Duinenwater there is something for everyone! A children bath, wave pool, water slides and saunas. For the men swimming shorts are not allowed, only a tight swimwear.

Sealife in Blankenberge - 25 km
Discover the underwater world at SEA LIFE Blankenberge. Come face to face with powerful sharks, notorious piranha's, floating rays, jaunty seahorses and meter morays. Discover a fascinating and beautiful underwater world. Outdoor there are waiting playful penguins, cheerful otters and playful sea lions on your visit.

Arsenaal in Vlissingen -  25 km
Discover at Arsenal how life was in the days of the pirates. From the upper deck to the dark than, in this pirate nest there is to experience for young and old everything! Hunting as a pirate at 65 meters off the Westerschelde. There is also an extensive collection of marine animals in aquariums and you can pet stingrays and sharks. Traveling to it is already a great experience by taking the Western Ferry from Breskens to Vlissingen. From the boat, it's a short walk to the Arsenal or you can take the bus.

Boudewijnpark in Brugge - 27 km
The Dolphinarium is a unique atraction park for the whole family. All children, parents and grandparents have a day full of exciting adventures. In the dolphinarium you can discover a spectacular show of sea lions and dolphins that you may never forget. And the more than 25 attractions, all in the theme of the sea and sea life, you get butterflies in your stomach or you just enjoy a crazy day out. Do you dive with?

Plopsaland de Panne - 80 km
Family atraction park with atractions for all ages. For the daredevils you have the Super Splash, tree trunks, the Rollerskater of Anubis The Ride. The little ones can have fun in the forest of Plop, Big & Betsy Hoeve, Wickie the Battle and much more. Do you like to see the real characters of Studio 100? Then you can during the day, see shows of Samson & Gert, pirate, Wickie or Plop. Recommended for families with young children!

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